I want to be a Camp Evergreen Staff someday!

We hear it all the time and it's so exciting to see our campers grow and mature into be Camp Evergreen Staff. Which is why this is under our "Work With Us" link. We recognize that campers start thinking about working with us as early as 14 or 15 years old. We want to make it easy to understand how campers can get there. Just think of Pit CREW like a "Junior Staff Year One" Program. It's two week of learning the ropes and the inner workings of camp. It's the easiest and best way to start the journey to being staff. Below, you will find a write up and more information on the camp and here's the link to our camp dates: http://www.camp-evergreen.com/drupal/summer-camps. See you this summer!


If you think of the Indy 500, every race car has a Pit Crew. It's the Pit Crew's job to keep their race car running as well as it can. At camp, we have a Pit CREW too. Our Pit CREW works hard to keep camp running. It isn't always glamorous but it's needed!

Our Pit CREW program is an intense two-week work experience program that focuses on personal growth and exploring what it takes to run camp from behind the scenes. Pit CREW campers must be entering grades 9 or 10 and have a passion to serve. Duties will vary each week, but you can count on an average of 6 hours of work per day. The remainder of the day will be spent with your “Crew” doing activities, discipleship sessions, and having tons of fun.

Discipleship sessions will focus on growing in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and embracing a passion to serve God and serve others. Participants will discover their heart for service, have lots of practice working on a team and, of course, have lots of fun!

Duties while serving on Pit CREW may including cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming the Dining Hall, working in the Kitchen and Dish Pit. You will also assist in Moose Junction during Tuck Time and help run games with our Program Team. Don't get bogged down by the work – there will be plenty of horsing around...even if the horses vote to stay at the barn.

Pit CREW members are expected to commit for two weeks and will have the weekend off at home*.

Please register for our Pit CREW Program through our Online Registration.

*Pit CREW Members are expected, along with all staff, to leave site for the weekend. If you live further than 150km from Camp Evergreen and pick up/drop off will be a challenge, please contact the office.