Wrangler Up Program (Grades 8 - 12)

I want to be a Camp Evergreen Barn Staff!


We hear it all the time and it's so exciting to see our campers grow and mature into be Camp Evergreen Staff. Which is why this is under our "Work With Us" link. We recognize that campers start thinking about working with us as early as 10 years old. We want to make it easy to understand how campers can get there. Just think of Wrangler Up like a "Junior Staff For The Horse Barn" Program. It's one or a two week training program for future Camp Evergreen Barn Staff. Wrangler Up campers learn the ropes and the inner workings of the Evergreen Barn. It's the easiest and best way to start the journey to becoming a Barn Staff. Below, you will find a write up and more information on the camp and here's the link to our camp dates: http://www.camp-evergreen.com/drupal/summer-camps. See you this summer!

Wrangler Up!

Being a Barn Staff isn't just getting to ride horses everyday. Sure - our Barn Staff get on and off horses nearly everyday of the spring, summer, and fall. There's a whole lot of sweeping, tacking, brushing, cleaning, sweeping, training, soaping, cleaning, and untacking that also happens. Our Barn Staff diligently work with each horse and their individual needs. They work hard at working with each other because team work is how we get everything done at Evergreen. The Barn Staff community is an important one as each staff relies on the other to safely work with campers at the barn. This program is part of our Developing Leaders Program. As such - we are looking for campers who have a desire to become Camp Evergreen Staff. Campers will be challenged to start thinking like staff members in their leadership skills and in their spiritual life.

Our Wrangler Up program is broken down into two different age levels. Wrangler Up Jr. is for campers going into grades 8-10. It is a single week intended to introduce the different aspects of barn work - not just riding. There are riding lessons incorporated into the days along with learning how to tack up and take care of horses and riders on trail rides.

Wrangler Up Sr. is for campers entering grades 10-12. These campers will be challenged at a deeper level in their horse skills, their leadership skills as they assist on trail rides and horsemanship classes, and in their spiritual lives. We are looking to these campers to become our next wranglers at camp.

Wrangler Up Sr. Campers are expected to commit for two weeks and will have the weekend off at home*. 

Wrangler Up Campers who are at least 15 yrs and entering grade 10 are eligible for high school credit through the Calgary Board of Education while at camp. We encourage you to first inquire see if credits are an option for your school.

You can registration for our Wrangler Up Programs through our Online Registration.  Wrangler Up campers must apply first (riding references are also required) and wait to be accepted into the program. Deadline for application is April 1st, 2019. If a camper is accepted into the program - a link to register will be emailed to the family.

*Wrangler Up Sr. campers are expected, along with all staff, to leave site for the weekend. If you live further than 150km from Camp Evergreen and pick up/drop off will be a challenge, please contact the office.