Our Story

Camp Evergreen was founded in 1963 by the Alberta Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. The initial $4,000.00 purchase of 160 acres, was designated to provide a permanent site for the development of a children's camping program.

Prior to 1963, the camping ministries of the Conference were held at Southern Alberta Bible Camp, and Camp Okotoks, southwest of Calgary. A number of individuals including Peter Rempel, formed a committee to select a site and develop a program for the Conference young people. The first camp was held at the present site in the summer of 1963.

The first main structure was built without insulation and included a kitchen, a dining area and a meeting place for services. This was eventually followed by more permanent structures: the main lodge (built in 1978), 16 winterized cabins, a mini-lodge (built in 1969), the Creator's Cabin and meeting rooms (old dining hall) and the Activity Centre (built in 1976).

As with most camps, staffing was done by volunteers until the need for a resident manager was recognized to meet security and promotional needs. The first full-time Manager/ Program Director was Walt Loewen (1971 - 1981). Norbert Bargen (1981 - 1986) followed with increased responsibilities for the development of the Guest Group Ministries program. Herb Harder's (1986-1992) arrival marked the increased enhancement of the site, increased full-time staffing positions, expansion of the riding program (new barn, riding arena and livery built in 1991), and other programming initiatives. Paul Isaac (1992 - 2002) continued with site and program development as did Rick Arkell (2003 - 2008). Kerry Precht (2008 - 2012) saw Camp Evergreen succesfully transition into an independant society with our first annual AGM taking place on May 12, 2012.

Historical Photos

Campers playing football

Evergreen Work Weekend - Circa 1981

An aerial shot of Camp Evergreen

The construction of our activity centre

One of our campers, horseback riding