This camp is full. Please call 403-638-4230 to put your child on the waiting list.
Impact campers are entering grades 8-11 in September – This is where we pull out all the stops. Night game after night game. Home-made-Jam. Breakfast in bed. It does not get any better than this!


Impact - noun

  1. the striking of one thing against another: the impact of the colliding cars broke the windshield.
  2. an impinging: the impact of light on the eye.
  3. influence; effect: the impact of Einstein on modern physics.
  4. the force exerted by a new idea, concept, technology, or ideology: the impact of the industrial revolution.
  5. the most amazing, entertaining, exciting, thrilling, fantastic week of camp known to humankind: "Impact was the best week EVER! We played crazy games, wore ridiculous costumes, made rad, new friends. We ziplined, horse-rode, canoed, arched, engineered. And we loooved chapel, the speakers, the songs!"

Registration for this camp takes place from 4:30-5:30pm on Sunday, and parents are invited to join us for a brief closing program at 3pm on Friday.

Impact campers have a choice between one Pro-Skill and two Semi-pro Skills. Pro-skills run for a double block, whereas Semi-Pro Skills split the time during the week between Semi-Pro Skill 1 and Semi-Pro Skill 2. Please see a description of all Pro and Semi-Pro Skills below. Please note that some of the Pro and Semi-Pro Skills have an additional cost.

Pro Skill Options for Impact: Horsemanship

Semi-Pro Skill Options for Impact: Adventure Programming, Paintball, Marksmanship, Climbing, Crafts, Survival Skills, Engineering, Canoeing, Sports.

Artrageous (Semi-Pro Skill only)

Artrageous is more than just Handcrafts. This Pro Skill is for the artist, creator, and imaginest. This Pro Skill may include painting on canvas, building a mini log cabin, paper machete birds, and possibly even tye-dye. Get ready for some ARTrageously amazing creations! Our artrageous creations vary from year to year. There is an additional charge for this skill.

Adventure Programming (Semi-Pro Skill only)

Adventure Programming is a really fancy way of saying that we're going to use our Challenge Course and Initiative tasks to learn about ourselves, work in teams, and become leaders while having a pile of FUN! You'll get to try each element on the Challenge Course (high and low ropes), play some team building games, and ride the zipline. Space is limited so sign up quickly!

Canoeing (Semi-Pro Skill only)

Participants will learn not only the different strokes needed to control and steer their canoe, but also how to switch positions, perform t-rescues, and avoid getting tipped. You might even get to go Lola the Leech hunting—she's a legend around here!

Climbing (Semi-Pro Skill only)

Participants will get to learn climbing techniques and get to experience all the different sides of our wall. Climb to the highest point at Camp Evergreen! These Semi-Pro'ers will get to learn about the different pieces of equipment they use and what makes up a rope, how to tie knots, and how to boulder in our awesome Bouldering Cave!

Engineering (Semi-Pro Skill only)

This is taking crafts to a different level! You get to smash, design, launch, build, tape, smash! Ever wanted to drop an egg and have it land without breaking? Build a bridge out of spaghetti? Launch a trebuchet? Don't know what a trebuchet is? Join Engineering to find out how! Specific projects and activities may vary from year to year.

Handcrafts (Semi-Pro Skill only)

Handcrafts are a fun way to create bracelets, picture frames, birdhouses and hemp necklaces. Specific projects and activities vary from year to year.

Horsemanship (Will be the only Pro Skill for Impact)

This summer, horsemanship is DOUBLE the amount of time! Campers will get to be apart of arena lessons where they can improve their riding skills. Horse care, where they will get to groom, lead, and tie their horse. As well as Horse science, where campers will learn all about horses from their breeds, colours, markings, parts of their anatomy, as well as their tack! Campers will also get the option of coming to the Barn during free skill to learn to rope! There is an additional charge for this skill.

Marksmanship (Semi-Pro Skill only)

These participants will learn to hit the mark by the end of the week. Start with our recurve bows and move to shooting our Genesis Compound bows! Learn how to repair arrows and how to maintain your equipment. Learn to shoot with the opposite hand and how to shoot at different targets.

Sports (Semi-Pro Skill only)

This is the perfect Semi-Pro Skill for the camper who loves to play! Each day will be stuffed full of playing soccer, volleyball, Willsonball, basketball, and all the Jug 'n' Jog you could possibly ask for. You will always be doing something new and having a wildly good time.

Survival Skills (Semi-Pro Skill only)

Survivor has NOTHING on our Survival Skills campers. You are going to have a blast starting fires (the legal kind), building shelters, map and compass work and all the fun stuff that goes into living outdoors.

Paintball (Semi-Pro Skill only)

This Semi-Pro Skill is available to our Ignite and Impact campers. Each afternoon, you will hike across to our Outfitters Site (at Camp Evergreen) and get geared up for some fun paintball games with our staff each afternoon. Space is limited so sign up quickly! There is an additional charge for this Semi Skill.

August 19th, 2018 4:30 PM   through   August 24th, 2018 3:00 PM
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