Save it or Shave it

As a fundraiser within 8 hours for $80,000 we will be taking donations towards Shaving or Saving John Toews' beard. Let your vote be known by making a donation!

John Toews (AKA Dishrack) is our Activities Director out here at Evergreen. He has worked here in different capacities since 2012 and has been coming to Camp since he was 9 years old!

The last time John was clean shaven was in 2013 and he has hesistantly agreed to a 'save it or shave it' fundraiser to help raise money towards our 8 Hours for $80,000 goal! Whichever option has the most money donated by the end of our Telethon Livestream Event, will be what happens - save it or shave it!

Have your vote be heard by donating today!


Donations are tax receiptable. You may donate by mailing in a cheque, credit card or EFD (e-transfer).

E-transfer information: Simply e-transfer your donation to with the following information in the notes section:

  • Your name and address (for tax receipt purposes)
  • Designate your donation to the Fall Fundraiser and whether you want to SAVE IT or SHAVE IT.


Follow the link to donate to the cause by credit card:



November 21st, 2020 9:00 AM through  5:00 PM