Guest Services FAQs

Q. How much does it cost to bring my group to camp for a retreat?

A. Our fees vary depending on the length of stay, age and size of group, and activity requirements. Also groups booking retreats from November to March have a slightly reduced cost as we are encouraging more groups to consider winter retreats. We feel that our prices at Camp Evergreen are very reasonable and we love to give our guests the best service available! Please email our guest services coordinator for prices.


Q. I require a special diet. Can this be accommodated?

A. Yes, our kitchen staff is happy to cook according to your special dietary needs as long as you notify the camp at least ten days in advance of your arrival.


Q. Will we be the only guest group on site?

A. If you are a larger group (over 100 people) yes. Camp Evergreen reserves the right to book multiple groups at the same time. We do, however, want to make each groups experience at camp enjoyable and will only book multiple groups as is reasonable for our staff and facilities to accommodate.


Q. I'm in a wheelchair. Is Camp Evergreen for me?

A. Absolutely! All of our meeting and dining areas are wheelchair accessible. In addition some of our cabins have easy-access ramps, as well as our Moose Junction General Store. The outdoor washroom block as a dedicated barrier-free washroom. Most of our trails are wide and smooth for easy access around the main camp area.


Q. I've never been to Camp Evergreen. What can I expect?

A. We love to give tours! Please phone us and let us know when it suits you to come.


Q. Can our group come any time of the year?

A. Camp Evergreen is a year-round facility and all buildings are winterized. We do not, however, accept groups during July and August as we run our own children and family programs during this time. We do invite everyone to attend our summer camps. We also do not book guest groups from December 24-26.


Q. What do I need to bring to camp?

A. Bedding, towels, warm outdoor clothing, appropriate outdoor footwear, indoor shoes or slippers for the dining hall, and toiletries. Long pants and close-toed shoes are a must for trail and pony rides.


Q. Can I bring my dog?

A. No, but thanks for asking!


Q. Do you have free wi-fi?

A. Yes, in some areas. Cell phone coverage is inconsistent. We encourage our guests to leave electronic devices in their vehicles as much as possible so they can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of camp.


Q. Can our group cook our own meals?

A. For health and practical reasons we do not let groups use our kitchen to prepare meals. We do, however, provide a microwave oven and small refrigerator for guests who need it (parents with infants, etc.).