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  • Meals
    & Catering

    Can our group cook our own meals?

    For health and practical reasons, we do not allow groups to use our kitchen to prepare meals. We do, however, provide a microwave oven and small refrigerator at guests’ request.

    I require a special diet, can this be accommodated?

    Yes, our kitchen staff is happy to cook according to your dietary needs. Please notify the camp at least ten days in advance so that we can be prepared.

  • What Can/
    Can’t I Bring?

    What should I bring to camp?

    We’ve prepared a list of things that you may want to bring click to see list. For trail rides, long pants and close-toed shoes are required.

    Can I bring my dog/pet?

    Unfortunately, due to health and other concerns pets are not allowed at camp.

  • Costs
    & Logistics

    How much does it cost to bring my group to camp for a retreat?

    Please email our guest services coordinator for prices. Fees vary depending on:

    • Length of stay
    • Age
    • Group size
    • Activity requirements
    • Time of year (winter retreats have a slight reduction in cost)

    Will we be the only guest group on site?

    • Large Groups - Yes, groups of over 100 people will be the only group on site.
    • Small Groups - No, Camp Evergreen reserves the right to book multiple groups at the same time. However, we will only book as many groups as is reasonable for our staff and facilities to accommodate.

    Can our group come any time of year?

    Camp Evergreen is a fully winterized, year round facility. We welcome guests throughout the year except for:

    • July and August: we cannot accommodate groups at this time due to our summer programming for children and families. We would love for you to attend our summer camps!
    • Over Christmas we do not book groups from Christmas Eve to Boxing day due to the holidays.
  • Accessibility

    Is Camp Evergreen Wheelchair-friendly?

    Yes! All of our meeting and dining areas are wheelchair accessible, as well as some of our cabins and the general store. The outdoor washroom is a dedicated barrier-free washroom. Most of our trails are wide and smooth for easy travel around the main camp.

  • What Camp
    Evergreen is Like

    I’ve never been to Camp Evergreen, what can I expect?

    We love to give tours! Please phone us and let us know when it suits you to come.

    Do you have free wi-fi?

    Yes - in some areas. Cell phone coverage is inconsistent. We do encourage guests to leave electronics in their vehicles, so that they can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere at camp.

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