Wholehearted Camping Booking Form

Camp Evergreen Wholehearted Camping Booking Form.

We're very excited that you are interested in joining us at Camp Evergreen. We want to offer an experience at Evergreen that is unlike any campground you've ever experienced. This is the starting point. We will contact you once you have submitted the days you would like to join us for to proceed with activity selection, meal options and payment.

If you are looking to book for any weekends throughout the Summer, please give us a call at 403-638-4230 first to check for availability.


Once you have submitted the dates you wish to book an RV site or Cabin our Hospitaliy Director will contact you to finalize booking details and payment.

  • Opening weekend -  the site is only open Friday May 29th - Monday June 1st
  • June 5 - RV Sites only (No meals or activity options available)
  • June 14th and on - Cabins and RV sites open seven days a week. (Meals and activity options available)
  • July 19-25, July 31st - August 3rd, August 13-17, and September Long Weekend are not available for booking at this time. 

​Prices (not including GST)

  • RV Site Rental: $40/night
  • Traditional Cabin Rental: $50/night (one household/cabin)
  • New Cabin Rental: $60/night (one household/cabin)
  • Meals for those 13+: $14/meal
  • Meals for those 5-12: $12/meal
  • Meals are free for those 4 and under
  • Hot Dog Meal Package to roast over a fire: $20 for four hot dogs, juiceboxes, chips, fruit, and condiments.
  • S'more package  (8 s'mores): $6
  • Trail Rides: $10/person
  • Wagon Rides: $15/family
  • General Activities (Canoeing, Archery, Survival Skills, Hatchet Throwing): $5/person
Please let us know the dates you wish to book a cabin or RV site. (availability is not guarenteed)
**Unavailable Dates: July 19-25; July 31-August 3rd; August 13-17(ABMB weekend)**

Thank you for completing this booking request. Our Hospitality Director will be in contact with you as soon as she can to help you book any meals and/or activities. We look forward to hosting you at Evergreen!