Application Information:

Our Internship Program functions different than our other summer camps. Interns are required to submit their personal part of the application before their parent/guardian can register them as a camper. We will not to be taking Internship Application later than April 15th, 2018. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Courtney Armstrong directly at

I can't wait to be a Camp Evergreen Staff!

We hear it all the time and it's so exciting to see our campers grow and mature into be Camp Evergreen Staff. Which is why this is under our "Work With Us" link. We recognize that campers start thinking about working with us as early as 14 or 15 years old. We want to make it easy to understand how campers can get there. Our Internship Program is designed to disciple, prepare, transition, and fuel our next generation of staff. This program is for students going into Grade 11 or 12 and who are excited about becoming staff. Six weeks seems like a long program but when you think about becoming a staff member and the time it takes to experience discipleship and gain tools to grow and work in our camp environment, six weeks is the right amount of time. Below, you will find a write up and more information on the camp and when you're ready, here's the link to our camp dates: See you this summer!

Internship Application:

Our Internship Program is a six week immersive experience that is designed to fuel our camper's passions, teach and disciple them as they prepare to become Camp Evergreen Staff. The process for registering for this program is different than our other camps.

Students interested in our Internship Program are required to apply to be part of the program. Applications are accepted up until April 15th, 2018. Applicants selected for the program will be notified and emailed a link to register.

Participants will be challenged spiritually as they explore week long topics like:

Who is God? Who has God created me to be?

Jesus said to serve others, what does that mean? What does servant leadership look like?

Who is the church and what does God want from the Church? What does mission look like in my life?

How did Jesus rest? When life gets busy, what does my relationship with God look like?

What does the pursuit of God look like outside of camp? What's my next step?

There are five different Internship areas or areas of focus that Interns can choose from. Areas of focus are not set in stone but we encourage Interns to register with their first two choices. We desire to help Interns develop skills and abilities within their chosen internship area with the flexibility to explore new areas if a Intern shows gifting or interest once they start their internship.

Possible Internship Areas:

Audio/Visual Team – Learn what it takes to make a camp movies or Speaker's Corner. Develop your technical skills as you work alongside our A/V Team taking pictures and capturing those life-long memories! Having your own camera isn't a requirement but if you have access to a SLR or DSLR camera, feel free to bring to learn on!

Kitchen Team – Work and learn from one of our essential men of Evergreen! You'll learn what it takes to put together an amazing meal from our Red Seal Chef, Ken! You'll laugh, dance, and flip-flapjack your time away and maybe come out as a top cook of Evergreen!

Cabin Leading Team – You remember that Cabin Leader that bounced off the wall and dressed super silly? Learn to lead devos, play games, and decorate, decorate, decorate! This is where you get to become that Cabin Leader Hero!

A-Team/Program – Ever wonder what it takes to make camp a complete experience? If you choose this area of focus, you will be part of our A-Team (Activities Team) and help to brainstorm, set up, and run games and programming. You will learn how we tie our activities, chapel, themes, and fun together to make camp one giant ball of fun.

Barn (Horse) Team – Develop your horsemanship skills, work at the barn and learn how to be a Wrangler at Camp Evergreen. Giddy up.

Interns will participate for two weeks, part-time in their focus area learning the ropes, working with staff, gaining feedback and on-the-job learning. Interns will also spend an additional week and a half working full-time in their focus area. Interns are expected to commit six weeks to this program. We believe that this model will enhance experience and allow for lasting growth and development. Interns will have weekends off at home*.

Please apply for our Internship program through our Online Registration.  Registering for our Internship Program does not guarantee entrance into the program. Application deadline is April 15th. Campers will then be notified regarding acceptance. Space is limited. Internship Application:

*Interns, along with the rest of our staff, are required to leave site during the weekends. If you live further than 150km from Camp Evergreen and pick up/drop off will be a challenge, please contact the office.

**Interns are eligible for high school credit through the Calgary Board of Education while at camp. We encourage you to first inquire at your school to see if credits are an option.