Seasonal Staff (Spring and Summer) Overview

Camp is Awesome!

Just so you don't miss's the link to our Staff Application: But you really should read the information below...

We love camp and not just summer camp but the seasons that surround July and August. We have a Spring (May and June), Summer (July and August), Fall (September to mid-November) and Winter (November to April) season. Each season is unique and runs very differently to the next. We need staff to run each season. Here's an overview of what our seasons look like:

Spring (May - August)

Camp Evergreen hires between 20-25 seasonal staff for the four month, May-August camp season. May and June are busy months, planning for the summer season and hosting all kinds of Guest Groups (schools, youth and Scout groups). You'll be teach outdoor education activities like canoeing, nature study, climbing wall or trail rides, washing dishes and cleaning bathrooms and of course, and taking care of our Guest Groups. We'll also make a point of getting together regularly as staff to study the Bible and pray and to have sweet times!

We are looking for dynamic staff who have a passion for kids and teaching! Spring is not for the faint of heart. It's hard work but some of the most rewarding work that you could find for a summer job! It's not all just education! 65% of our campers can be tracked back to our Guest Groups. That means we have at least that many of our campers in the summer coming that are not yet connected to a church. Which makes our Guest Groups a ministry and our summer camps a missionfield!

Summer (July and August)

This is everything you can possibly imagine and more! Summer camp is AWESOME! Dress up crazy, play ridiculous games, and preach the Gospel! There are lots of positions that we hired just for July and August to make our summers run well. Check out the job descriptions under the Seasonal Staff Information heading.

Fall (August 26 - October 31)

Camp Evergreen's fall staff is made up of around 20 people. Fall staff host guest groups, lead activities, help in the kitchen and on maintenance and custodial. It's a busy season and lots of fun too! We'll make a point of getting together as staff to study the Bible and pray and to have sweet times (deja vu? That's because it's part of the spring plan too). Our Fall Season is our busiest Guest Group Rental season and it's always a good time!

Winter (Mid-November - April)

Camp Evergreen's winter slows down a bit from Fall to mostly weekend rentals and band camps once February rolls around. We do a lot of work to winterize our site and start on projects that our other busy seasons might not allow for. In these months, we run a lot of our own retreats (Jr. HIgh Retreat, Ladies Retreat) and do youth and children's church visits to promote camp. As the Calendar ticks over to the New Year - we begin exciting preparations for summer.

Don't think you're "campy" enough?

We hear it all the time that some people "just aren't campy-people". Sometimes that's true but you might surprise yourself. We're looking for ALL types of people with ALL types of interests. Sure, we play lots of outdoor games, we play in the woods, and do crazy activities like horsebackriding and ziplining backwards. But there's another side of camp that lots of people forget about. We've got campers that love to draw, create, read books, and just want to hang out. We need people that want to do that! Staff that want to make connections with our campers who love to sit in our library (yes, we have a library), make paper machete and draw beautiful things. We want those campers to have the best week of their life! So maybe that you...yeah, you. You right there, sitting in the chair, staring at this screen.

Most importantly - we are looking for passionate, fun-loving, church-going, born-again Christian Staff. You should love kids, dressing up, playing crazy games, staying up late, getting up early, and MOST OF ALL, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all of our campers. If you can say yes to all except maybe getting up early (because...really, who actually loves getting up early...but we do it because we love Jesus, kids, and camp) then you should go to the "Spring and Summer Applications" on the drop down menu to apply.

Here's a list of activities that we do here at camp. You don't have to love all of them but if anything jumps out at you on the might just be the place for you this next just IMAGINE yourself leading one with a bunch of excited kids. Pretty rad, right?

  • Canoeing
  • Singing and dancing
  • Challenge Course (Zipline)
  • Climbing Wall
  • Crafts and Artragous (which is our intense arts Pro Skill)
  • Drama
  • Engineering
  • Discipling young people
  • Outdoor Education
  • Extreme Fun
  • Reading/Books
  • Handcrafts
  • Horsemanship
  • CRAZY GAMES (like trying to track and trap all of the dinosaurs at camp)
  • Initiative Tasks
  • Fun (yeah - we really like fun around here)
  • Marksmanship (Yeah, shooting stuff! Who doesn't like that?!)
  • Camping (in tents, wall tents, teepees, under the stars)
  • Sports
  • Paintball
  • Team Building