2017 Ministry Expansion (formerly special projects)


  Horses - as our herd continues to age we need to replace 3-4 horses each year.  We also need to   replace our old hay wagon for wagon rides.  Cost - $4,000  

  GPS - we would like to add geocaching as a new activity.  Cost - $4,000


    Projector - we are in need of a new video projector for our summer chapels.  Cost - $1,000




  Dodge Balls - with the amount of Willson Ball that we play here at Evergreen we need to stock up on some dodge balls.  Cost - $500



  Archery Equipment - archery continues to be one of our favourite activities.  Adding new bows, arrows and targets are needed for this summer.  We also want to add archery tag as a new activity.  Cost - $4,000  
Related image   Keyboard  - we are looking for a new keyboard for our summer chapels.  Cost -$3,000  
  Foothills Outfitters - is our camp across the creek used by Trails Away and Charge.  Our goal is to continue building an outfitter style camp site over the next two - three years.  This year we want to continue our fencing and purchase two large canvas covers for the tent platforms.  Cost - $5,500  
   Renos/ Special Projects - while we wait for our new lodge our old lodge still needs some work!  This year we want to paint and renovate the upstairs washrooms.  We would like to finish the  fire ring as it no longer holds all our campers and staff.  Cost - $8,000



Donated funds in excess of what's needed for any designated purpose will be reassigned to the Camp's general fund.