Sponsor a Horse

Sponsor-A-Horse Program

We all love Camp Evergreen and there’s a special place in many of our hearts for the horses we rode at camp. They filled our days with adventures, giggles, challenges, and triumphs. These horses have taught us more about ourselves and what we can accomplish. They have been our team mates, confidants, and trusted companions. Now, in this time of uncertainty we’re asking that you consider giving back to the horses that have impacted your lives.

We’ve created the Sponsor-A-Horse program so that you can continue to interact with our herd and bring a little part of camp home with you, and we can continue to provide quality care for our horses during this season. While the sponsorship is symbolic and the horse will remain at Camp Evergreen, the love that you feel for these horses and the impact that your sponsorship will have on them is lasting.

There are three different tiers in which you can choose to sponsor a horse on a monthly basis and some fun sponsor gifts for you depending on what level you choose:

  • $25/Month – A key chain with your horse’s name on it
  • $75/Month – A fun mug
  • $100/Month – You’ll receive the key chain and mug from the previous levels as well as the opportunity to come out and spend the day with your horse

Every sponsor will also receive a high quality photo of your horse along with a small biography, and quarterly updates on how your horse is doing throughout the year.

Your sponsorship fee will go towards providing:

  • Hay and Other Feed
  • Medical Supplies as Needed
  • Farrier Services (hoof trimming)
  • Barn and Field Maintenance
  • Tack and Equipment

Follow the link to join the Sponsor a Horse Program: Sponsor a Horse

Thank you so much for continuing to support Camp Evergreen through this season, and for showing your love to all of our staff members (horses included)! Your contributions mean that we can continue to care for our horses and make sure that they’re ready for guests and campers when the time comes. Our horses love all of you and can’t wait to get out and take you on more adventures!

Check out our herd below to find the horse you want to sponsor!