Guide to the Activities
Camp Evergreen offer a wide range of fun, crazy, and educational skills and activities in throughout the summer. Keep reading to find out more about our activity areas, program activities (that's the stuff we do as a whole camp) and pro and semi-pro skills (for Trail Blazers, Ignite and Impact campers).



We offer the following activities during activity rotation (which campers do with their cabinmates) or during free time for every camp.

Sparky and Explorer cabins rotate through each of the different activities so everyone gets a chance to experience everything, under the watchful and fun-loving eyes of their cabin leader. Trail Blazers, Ignite and Impact campers can sign up to participate in activities as a cabin, or can check them out during designated "open activity" blocks.


The Challenge Course is made up of two different parts: the Upper Challenge Course and Low Ropes. Both are structures made of cables, ropes, and telephone poles. Participants get to pick where and how they would like to be challenged and then also get to participate by helping to belay their friends under the supervision of our trained staff. Please refer to our gallery for pictures of the Challenge Course. Participants must be 8 years or older to participate on the Upper Challenge Course.

Zipline (Upper Challenge Course)

Ride the zipline as the reward for getting through our Vertical Playground and Upper Elements or just for the fun of it. Our 100ft zipline will be sure to make you smile.

Vertical Playground (Upper Challenge Course)

This is a vertical element that is part of our Upper Challenge Course. It starts with a choice between two different ladders (Firecracker or our Dowel Ladder) and finishes with a large Cargo Net that participants can choose to climb.

Rickety Bridge and the Grapevines (Upper Challenge Course)

These are horizontal tracks that connect our first deck at the top of the Vertical Playground to our Zipline deck. Participants can choose between walking a cable with "grapevines" hanging down to assist them or walking on a bridge without hand rails.

Balance Beam (Upper Challenge Course)

This is a team element where one participant climbs a pole , to a beam resembling a teeter-totter. Once the first participant is on the beam, the second participant climbs up and they attempt to balance the beam. It's a great team exercise.

Leap of Faith (Upper Challenge Course)

Sounds gutsy, right? In this activity, participants climb up a pole and stand on a platform. A toy is hanging out on the end of a rope about 5 feet from the platform. Participants, if they choose to, may jump out and see if they can hit the toy.

Low Ropes Course

This part of our Challenge Course can be enjoyed by everyone (no age restrictions). It is a series of six elements that all pose a different type of challenge. These elements are all ground based challenges that require participants to spot each other.



Learn how to make seed bead rings or bracelets and hemp bracelets.


Horse Care

Learn how to work around a horse and how to groom them. Learn colours, breeds, and basic facts about what makes a horse a horse.

Pony Rides

These are trail rides designed for our youngest campers, those under the age of eight. This is a great opportunity to learn what it's like to ride a horse with a parent or a staff member leading the horse.

Trail Rides

Go on an hour long ride around the camp. There are dozens of trails and there's plenty to see. All skill levels are welcome! Our knowledgeable wranglers will partner you with a horse of your skill level so that you can have the best ride possible.

Wagon Rides

Driven by our Wrangler, our "girls" April and Irish will take you on a fun adventure of all around the camp!



Use composite recurve bows and targets to practice your skills.


Learn how to manuever around a 17ft canoe in our canoe pond. Learn basic lake strokes and participate in games that will test your knowledge and execution.


Explore all of our 480 acres with our staff while gaining knowledge and awareness of animal habitats, trees, and nature.

Sport Climbing

Reach for the sky on our 32foot wall. Whether it's your first time or you've been doing it for years, our wall is outfitted for all different experience and skill levels. Our three-sided wall has beginner, intermediate, and advanced sides with routes, chimneys, or overhangs to further challenge our 'keeners'.

Sports and Games

Shoot hoops, play floor hockey, kick a soccer ball around, toss a football, or get into a game of Ultimate Frisbee. We've got a full range of outdoor sports including a Frisbee Golf Course. If the weather is nasty or you just feel like being indoors we have Ping Pong, Foosball, and enough board games to keep you busy.

Team Building

This is an opportunity for each cabin to learn how to work together better, communicate, and have fun while achieving a task.


Camp's not just about cabin time ... it's about about getting everyone together for crazy games and thoughtful talks.

Game On

An assortment of field games. This is a daily game block where all the campers and staff gather on the playing field to participate in a variety of fun games. Some of the games you might see during Game On would be:

  • Knight, Riders, Princesses, and Cavaliers
  • Steal the Bacon
  • Pip, Squeak, and Wilbur
  • Drip, Drip, Drop
  • Egg, Chicken, Eagle
  • Rock, Tree, Water

Special Program (Rampage)

This is our wide game block, which takes place after supper. This is where we get out to the field to play Jug 'n' Jog, our most famous camp game, Capture the Flag, the Animal Game, and many, many others.

Yodel 'n' Hum

Jump around like you're "Going Bananas" or show us your "Funky Chicken". Our Yodel 'n' Hum is packed full of silly songs, skits, and stories that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Blue Cows

A Blue Cow? What on earth is that? This is our morning chapel. There really isn't a reason why we call it Blue Cows, it was more of a spur of the moment name. In any case, this is where we get together to do Sword Drills (learning to use our Bibles), sing fun songs, and learn a bit about God. Cabins break off from Blue Cows to have a time together to ask questions and reflect on what they're learning.

Orange Yak*

If there's a Blue Cow, there's gotta be an Orange Yak. Orange Yak is our evening chapel time. Campers get to hear our staff share their testimonies each night, participate in worship, and hear from our speaker for the week.


Trail Blazers, Ignite, and Impact campers get to choose a Pro or Semi-pro Skill. Pro or Semi-Pro Skills are a time during each part of the day where our campers go to a skill area that they LOVE and where they get to become a “pro” or a “semi-pro” at it. The difference between a Pro Skill Option and a Semi-Pro Skill is the amount of time each day that they participate in the skill.

Ignite and Impact campers have the choice between doing a Pro Skill for the whole week or two Semi-Pro Skills. Whereas Trail blazers will be asked to choose two Semi-pro skills. Pro Skills run for a double block whereas Semi-Pro Skills split the time during the week between Semi-Pro Skill 1 and Semi-Pro Skill 2. Please see a description of all Pro and Semi-Pro Skills below. Please note that some of the Pro and Semi-Pro Skills have an additional cost.

Adventure Programming

Adventure Programming focuses on our Challenge Course. Not only will these participants have a chance to try each of the elements of our Upper and Lower Challenge Course but they will learn about the equipment, leadership qualities, and how to work in teams. These participants will learn how to communicate better and how to achieve tasks by working in a group.


Artrageous is more than just Handcrafts. This skill is for the artist, creator and imaginest. It may include painting on canvas, paper machete birds, tye-dye or even building a mini log cabin. Our creations will vary from year to year.


Participants will get to learn not only the different strokes needed to control and steer their canoe, but they will also get to learn how to switch positions, do t-rescues, and avoid getting tipped.


Participants will get to learn climbing techniques and get to experience all the different sides of our wall. They will get to learn about the different pieces of equipment they use and what makes up a rope, how to tie knots, and how to boulder.

Mad Science

Ever wanted to drop an egg and have it land without breaking? Build a bridge out of spaghetti? Launch a rocket? How about erupt a volcano (not a really one, silly)? This skill is for those who want to build, design, and launch.

Hand Crafts

Activities and projects vary from year to year but in past years we've designed paper mache birds, built matchstick crosses, birdhouses, and designed crazy fun jewelry.


You will be partnered with one of our awesome horses for the week where you will learn how to ride correctly, learn how to look after your horse, groom them, and have fun developing your horse skills.


This is the perfect skill for the camper who loves to play! Each day will be stuffed full of playing soccer, volleyball, basketball, and all the Jug 'n' Jog you could possibly ask for. You will always be doing something new and having a wildly good time.


These participants will learn to hit the mark by the end of the week. Learn how to repair arrows and how to maintain your equipment. Learn to shoot with the opposite hand and how to shoot at different targets.


Participants will head across the creek to play paintball for the afternoon. Participants will engage in games of capture the flag, bush ball and speed ball. From beginners to experienced - all are welcome.

Survival Skills

This activity is perfect for those campers who love the outdoors. Participants will learn how to start fires, build shelters, and how to keep themselves safe in nature. Learn about your surroundings, how to use a compass, and what you need to survive if you're lost!