Freqently Asked Questions from Camp Evergreen

I See From Your Website That You Are A Christian Camp?

Camp Evergreen exists to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and to grow kids and youth - spiritually, mentally, socially, physically, wholly - cultivating confidence, facilitating courage, and equipping leaders among our campers, guests and staff, all while having a lot of fun and using God's creation as a key tool! Our goal is to give your child the best week of their summer.

"...we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, his power, and the wonders he has done." Psalm 78:4

All of our staff here at camp are Christians, and the general camp theme we uphold is based on Christian teachings. This means we place high regard on equality, fairness, and maintaining a positive teaching environment for children to learn and grow in Christ. There are two formal times when teaching takes place; both are 15-30 minutes long and are based around a story from the Bible, which we try to relate to everyday life. Teaching is also employed in many of our activities, which help us show how God is real in our lives.

We Don't Attend Church; Will My Child Feel Out Of Place? Will My Child Feel Pressured To Believe In Your Faith?

Approximately 1/2 of our campers do not attend church, a fact which we take into consideration when we plan our programs and camps. No camper will forced or coerced into making any decision at camp. We try our best to ensure that no one will feel that their choices or their families' choices are bad; instead we teach what we believe and show the kids the love that Jesus has for them.

What Type Of Training Does Your Staff Receive?

85% of our staff have been at Camp Evergreen before; many as campers in years previous, many as part of our discipleship programs, and many more as returning staff. So for most of them, training is a long term immersion in Evergreen's values of being a place to belong; where God's love is shown through respect, caring and providing a safe place of learning and growth.

Pre-Camp training is provided for all staff to brush up their cabin leading & teaching skills. It also ensures that everyone is working towards the same goals of supporting every child as a valued member of their cabin, ensuring they have a successful week at camp. Every staff member that works with campers have their current Standard First Aid certificates, have gone through our thorough Safe Place Policy and has an up-to-date Criminal Record Check with a Vulnerable Sector Search on file. Staff who are Alberta Residents also are required to provide a Child Intervention Check from the Alberta Government.

Designated Medical Personnel

During the summer months, we have Designated Medical Personnel on site at all times. You will meet our DMP when you register your child on their first day of summer camp. The DMP is trained in First Aid and CPR.

Major responsibilities of the Designated Medical Personnel include the storing and administering of a camper's medications (prescription or otherwise); taking care of minor injuries, dealing with safety and health concerns which may arise during the week; administering First Aid or CPR when necessary; documenting each medical incident whether small or large and conducting cabin checks each day to ensure that clean and sanitary conditions exist (and seeing what kinds of things your children do to decorate their cabins).

The Sundre hospital is 15 minutes away should we need further medical assistance.

Our Out-trips that operate on-site (Charge, Trails Away, and Roughin' It), all have appointed First Aiders and have cell/radios for contact with our main lodge which is less than 1km away.

Medications & Medical Conditions

Pack medications separately and label them with your child's full name. You will be asked to give them to the designated medical personnel at registration (including Tylenol, cough syrup, etc.). It's most helpful if you also enclose a photo of your child with his or her medication.

If there are any special conditions specific to your child's health such as allergies, food restrictions, medication instructions, please provide these in writing to the camp well in advance of his or her week here.

How Many Kids Are In A Cabin? What Is Your Camper To Cabin Leader Ratio?

There are eight to ten campers in a cabin with one to two cabin leaders (we try to ensure there will be two leaders per cabin). This means there is usually a 1:5 leader-to-camper ratio in overnight camps.

Can my child stay with their friends?

Yes they can. Just remember to write their names in the right spaces on your registration form.

What Does A Typical Day Look Like?

Overnight Camp - you can expect to have three amazing meals (a snack is provided at night time), two set activity times where campers participate in their chosen camp activities (archery, horseback riding, wall climbing, etc.), free time involving a trip to Moose Junction (General Store), a cabin activity, two formal teaching/worship times, a camp-wide outdoor game, and a whole lot of fun!

What kind of activities are at camp?

For a full list of all the activities we offer at Camp Evergreen, click here

Is there a pool?

No, we don't have a pool. But we like to play in the nearby Fallen Timber Creek, so if you're coming to camp, don't forget to bring your swimsuit or swimming trunks!

What kind of things should I bring to camp?

We knew you'd ask that, so we made a list of all the things you need to remember. Click here to see it!

Can I bring my iPod, cellphone or other electronics?

No, you should leave these at home.

Is there internet access?

No. There is no internet access for campers.

What's in your tuck shop?

Our tuck shop is stocked with candy, chips, chocolate, t-shirts, hoodies, water bottles, and frozen treats. The cost of tuck (two food or drink items per day) is included with your camp fee. Please don't send money to camp with your child. The tuck shop will be open during registration and after closing chapel, if you'd like to buy treats, tee-shirts, hoodies or other super cool souvenirs!

Who Owns The Camp?

The camp is owned by the Camp Evergreen Mennonite Brethren Ministries, Sundre society: a non-profit and registered charity. We have our roots in the Alberta Mennonite Brethren Conference and still maintain close ties requiring over half the board to attend an MB Church.

What Method Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash or cheque. Cheques may be post-dated up to and including the first day of camp if needed. Please make cheques out to "Camp Evergreen" and specify camper's name on the bottom left hand corner. Other payment options are available on an as needed basis.

Do You Provide Subsidies For Families In Need? How Do I Know If I Qualify?

It is our philosophy that no camper should be refused access to camp because of the financial circumstances of their family, and we endeavour to honour each request. We do, however, ask for as much financial participation as possible from the family. Normally, family income greater than $2000/month would reduce the amount of subsidy available. We DO accept post-dated cheques to help reduce the impact of paying for camp all at once. Call our camp office if you need further information. 403-638-4230

If I Register My Child And Then Need To Cancel, Do I Get A Refund? And How Much Do I Get Back?

Prior to arrival at camp:

Refunds will be issued up to 30 days before your camp commences, less a $50 administration fee. Cancellations under 30 days require a Physicians note to receive the full refund, less a $50 administration fee.

During camp:

If the camper and/or parents decide the camper should go home due to homesickness or any other reason there is no refund or credit. If the camper is asked by Camp Evergreen to go home due to illness or if an injury dictates the camper should go home, a credit will given for next summer.

When Is Drop Off/Pick Up Times For Summer Camps?

For all our camps except Sparks and Adventure Jr & Roughin' It Boys 4, check in begins at 4:30 PM Sunday afternoon on the first day of each camp.  Supper will be served at 5:30 PM.

Sparks and Adventure Jr & Roughin' It Boys 4 checkin begins at 4:30 PM on Tuesday August 6th, 2018.

Pick Up Times:

For all our camps, there will be a short closing program at 3 PM Friday afternoon on the last day of each camp.

Do You Accept Children With Developmental Challenges Or Delays?

We try to integrate children with mild delays into our camp setting; a child who functions on their own in a school setting will often function well at camp. We do not, however, accept applications for children functioning more than two years behind their peers emotionally or socially.

We have had positive experiences with children with ADD, ADHD, FAS/FASD and Asperger's Syndrome, but every child is unique and your child may not be suited to this environment. Children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) may struggle in our environment.

If a child can have a greater chance of succeeding as a camper with an Aide, then we invite you to do so. Please let us know when you register your child. We do allow Aide's to accompany children to our camp free of charge, as we love to see children succeed as campers and, as well, it creates a safer environment for them.

What kind of meals/snacks do we get?

We offer a wide variety of well balanced meals which vary according to age groups. We usually have fruit or vegetables for snacks.

Do You Accept Children With Special Diets?

Yes. Just tell us ahead of time if you have a food allergy or are a vegetarian, and we will be sure to tell our cook. We are a busy summer camp and do have our limitations, but will do our best to make things work.

Is There A Parent Day? Can My Child Call Me?

Homesickness is a real concern at camp, and we have found that midweek visits can actually increase this homesickness. Also, the children who would like to have a visit from parents, but are unable to because of family situation can feel left hurt or left out when they do not receive visits.

Parents are welcome to call the main office at any time [(403) 638-4230] to see how their child is doing, and children are welcome to call home at any time (we do, however, try to discourage them from calling home at bedtime, as they tend to be more emotionally fragile then).

Can I volunteer while my child is at camp?

Yes. We always welcome volunteers, although sometimes having your parents being at camp can be a little distracting for the kids.

My Child Is A Bed Wetter, Can You Accommodate Them?

In the instance that a child is a bed wetter, only the Program Director and child's cabin leader will be informed so that they can be prepared; no other campers in the cabins will be told. In the instance that the camper wets their bed, the cabin leader will change and clean the bed in a very discreet manner so as not to embarrass the camper.

Are pets allowed?

Sorry, pets are not allowed.

Is it okay to bring alcohol or drugs?

Alcohol or drugs are not allowed at Camp Evergreen.

Is there still room for me?

To find out, give us a call at the office! Our phone number is (403) 638-4230.