Wrangler Up Sr. Application 2021

Application for Wrangler Up Sr. - July 21-30, 2021

This application should be filled out by the camper who is attending.

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Welcome Here!
Welcome to the Wrangler Up Sr. Application form! This application form should be filled out by the camper planning on attending Wrangler Up Sr. We are super excited to have new campers come join us at the evergreen barn and learn what it takes to be a wrangler. As demand is high for our Wrangler Up Sr. camp and space is limited we are asking everyone to fill out an application before you can register for the camp. We are seeking applicants who have some previous experience working with horses (either having participated in one of camp evergreens horsemanship programs or taken lessons somewhere else). In the following application we will be seeking to get to know you a little better, and give you a chance to describe your level of horse experience to us.
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