Wholehearted Camping

At Camp Evergreen, we desire to provide amazing outdoor experiences. We want to offer the chance for families to come enjoy camping with access to deeper and more meaningful programming 5 weeks of this Summer. Our goal is to provide a program for camping that is one-of-a-kind and is true to our mission to see Lives Transformed by the Power of Jesus.

Our staff and Christian programming is one of our strongest attributes. Camping at Evergreen this July and August will mean having access to our activities, music nights, talent shows, fun skits, chapels with speakers, and wide games that have been carefully designed to work within Covid-19 safety guidelines.

The length of stay is completely up to you - our staff are excited to offer something awesome to your family. This isn't just camping - it's Wholehearted Camping at Evergreen.

Here are the dates for Wholehearted Camping in Summer 2021:

  • May 7 - 10 (no activities available on the 10th)
  • May 11 - 19 (no activities available on the 11th)
  • May 25 - June 11
  • June 11-13 open for Tough Camper Participants (call to book spots once Tough Camper registration opens)
  • June 13-28 (AGM Weekend June 25-27 - viewing areas available!)
  • July 1-4
  • July 8-11
  • July 16-25
  • July 30 - August 15
  • August 20-29

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Please note: If you have any symptoms (https://www.alberta.ca/covid-19-testing-in-alberta) that may relate to Covid-19, have been out of the country 14 days before your booking at camp, please do not come onsite. If you are part of the population that is more at risk of contracting Covid-19 (those who are immunocomprimised, the elderly, and those with underlying medical conditions), we strongly recommend that you do not attend Camp Evergreen this summer. If you choose to participate, you do so at your own risk.