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Essential Camper’s Packing Guide

Packing for camp? Let’s dive into the three species of packers you might encounter.

First up, the “Day-Of” packers. You know who you are. You’ve got a vague idea of what you need, but there’s a good chance you’ll forget your toothbrush or your second favourite shirt. You’ll realize this halfway on the drive to camp or when you’re unpacking the first night.

Next, we have the “Overachievers.” You packed days in advance. You’ve had a detailed list taped to your dresser for a week, and you don’t forget a single thing. You also packed everything except the kitchen sink because, hey, you never know when you’ll need a full set of dinnerware in the wilderness.

Finally, there are the “Goldilocks” packers. You pack at a reasonable time, with reasonable awareness, and you’re right on point. Honestly, you guys are like packing ninjas, and I’m in awe of your skills.

As a kid, I was definitely an Overachiever—especially when it came to games. My bag was a treasure trove: Game Boy, colouring book, portable CD player, Chinese finger trap—basically anything that would make the car ride or destination more fun. Let’s be real, though, I didn’t need most of it. Especially for camp where activities filled my day and boredom was way off. But packing is exciting because it’s the last thing you do before the real adventure begins.

If you didn’t know, Camp has a packing list for you. This list is polished—it’s been reviewed more times than your favourite movie. So trust us, you don’t need to haul a truckload of games like I would have (except maybe the Chinese finger trap—always a classic). Follow the list below, and you’ll be golden. Happy camping!

Coral Kopp | Camp Administrator