How you can support Camp Evergreen

Camp Evergreen has long been considered a vital component of people's lives. Our vision, setting and staff continue to impact people today, and with God's grace, will continue to do so in the future. If you are one of the many people who believe that Camp Evergreen can make a difference, then we'd like to invite you to partner with us!

Friends of Evergreen are our ongoing supporters of Camp Evergreen who participate with us in planning, prayer and fundraising. Firstly, we'd like you to pray for our ministry. Secondly, we're looking for people who can volunteer some of their time for service at camp. Thirdly, we'd like you to consider giving a portion of your finances to help support and sustain the Camp Evergreen ministry.


We believe that prayer is foundational to the very existence of Camp Evergreen. Without God's blessing and the Holy Spirit's work, all our efforts would fail to have eternal results. If you feel passionate about praying for our ministry, please consider joining our Prayer Team.


We have an ongoing need for volunteers with many different skills, in the areas of food services, facility maintenance, capital project skills, landscaping, cleanup and many other areas.

To find out more about volunteering at Camp Evergreen, click here.

Interested in volunteering as seasonal staff? Head on over to our employment page

Financial Support

Whether you decide to contribute on an ongoing basis, or with a one-time gift or endowment, your support of any amount is greatly appreciated.

  1. Click here to download a PDF file of the participation form.
  2. Print out the form, and fill it out.
  3. Mail it in to our office!


  1. Donate online through our donation page or at

You can also check out our Special Projects page to learn more about the projects you can contribute toward. It is Camp Evergreen's policy that donated funds in excess of what's needed for any designated purpose will be reassigned to the Camp's general fund.

Stay Up-to-Date!

Camp Evergreen publishes a newsletter, The Green Space. The Green Space is available on our website where you can also sign up to have it sent directly to your email inbox!

We also update our blog,, on a regular basis - check it out!