Ladies Retreat

Best week of summer

Ladies Retreat

Registration is closed, please reach out to the office is you would like to inquire about more details

April 5-7, 2024

Our Annual Ladies Retreat exists to provide a space for rest, rejuvenation, and renewal. Come experience camp in a retreat designed to honour and cherish women.  Come out to a refreshing escape at Camp Evergreens Ladies Retreat. Enjoy delicious meals, choose from optional adventures like trail rides and archery, or find tranquility as you explore the scenic landscape of Evergreen.

2024 Theme

Many women find that it is nearly impossible to keep up – with the trends, with the to-do lists, with the changing culture, and even with their own emotions. As we gather together for this retreat, we are going to slow down, be inspired by the lives of women recorded in Scripture, and invite the Lord to help us sort through the past and present so that we can grow to become all He intended us to be.

Speaker Bio: Bonnie Pue

Bonnie Pue is the co-founder of The Union Movement along with her husband, Bryan. They live in western B.C. with their six sons. Bonnie enjoys hiking, reading, and gathering around the table with friends and family.

The Union Movement exists to help people find wholeness in areas of identity, sexuality, and relationships with a gospel-centred approach. you can find more from her on Instagram at @theunionmovement and @bonniepue.