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Charge - Paintball

Best week of summer

Charge 1 is for male campers entering grades 7-9

Charge 2 is for male campers entering grades 8-10

Paintball, chapels focused on guys, camping, paintball, bacon, WillsonBall, and more paintball. Don’t forget about the paintball! Whether you’re a first timer or experienced, this week will be one to remember!

Charge is our week long Paintball Camp for guys (sorry ladies!).

You heard that right, guys. Paintball. All. Week. Long.

Get ready for more paintball games than you could ever imagine, camping, bacon, paintball, Willson Ball (super fun!), bacon, and more paintball! Charge happens across the creek on the southwest quarter of Camp Evergreen. Campers will hike over to their campsite to sleep in wall tents and cook over an open fire for the week, returning only to have showers.

In addition to all the paintball that you’ll be playing, you will be led by Camp Evergreen staff who will share their walk with Jesus during their devotional time in the morning and during chapel at night, teach on themes like brotherhood, perserverence, leadership, faith, and community.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, this camp will be one to remember.

In recent years, we have made some changes to our pricing structure and encourage all families to read through those changes here: Camp Price Structure