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Explorers campers are entering grades 2-4 in September

Explore the bush or the canoe pond. This 3 night camp gives you a great taste of the activities at camp.

Our Explorer Camps offer a chance for campers to try all of our activities at camp. Conquer the wall. Canoe the rapids in our… pond. Learn how to ride a bucking bronco (just kidding … we’ll stick to pony rides!). Hit the bull’s eye at archery. Yodel ‘n Hum. Explorers camp is all about bringing the fun.

Curious about what the typical day at camp will look like? Here is a standard schedule for an Explorers Camp:

  • 8:00AM – Breakfast
  • 9:00AM – Cabin Clean Up
  • 9:30AM – Morning Chapel
  • 10:15AM – Activity Block
  • 11:15AM – Wide Game
  • 12:30PM – Lunch
  • 1:30PM – Down Time/Nap Time
  • 2:00PM – Tuck/Snack Time from Moose Junction General Store
  • 2:45PM – Activity Block
  • 3:45PM – Activity Block
  • 4:45PM – Relax with your Cabin
  • 5:30PM – Supper
  • 6:30PM – Wide Game
  • 7:15PM – Fireside Chapel
  • 8:00PM – Snack/Cabin Devos

Your schedule may not be exactly as shown.

* Please note that Sparks and Explorers campers do not use the Challenge Course or zip line due to age restrictions mandated by the Association for Challenge Course Technology.

In recent years, we have made some changes to our pricing structure and encourage all families to read through those changes here: Camp Price Structure