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Pit Crew

Best week of summer

Pit Crew campers must be entering grades 9 or 10 in September

If you think of the Indy 500, every race car has a Pit Crew. It’s the Pit Crew’s job to keep their race car running as well as it can. At camp, we have a Pit CREW too. Our Pit Crew works hard to keep camp running. It isn’t always glamorous but it’s needed!

Our Pit Crew works hard to keep camp running: dishes, cleaning facilities, and work projects make up half of the day. The other half is filled with games, activities, and discipleship sessions where you’ll learn what servant-like leadership looks like. If you’re looking to become Camp Evergreen staff someday, this is where you’ll start.

*Pit Crew Members are expected, along with all staff, to leave site for the weekend. If you live further than 150km from Camp Evergreen and pick up/drop off will be a challenge, please contact the office.

In recent years, we have made some changes to our pricing structure and encourage all families to read through those changes here: Camp Price Structure