Camp Pricing

We are so excited for the 2023 summer camp season. We hope that each camper that comes to Camp Evergreen will have the best week or weeks of their summer and that they will experience the love of God through our staff and the programming at camp.

Over the last few years, we reviewed all of the costs associated with operating camp from 2019 through to the current year. There were a lot of things we took into account:

  • Full-time and seasonal staff pay
  • Administration (ie: insurance, training, certification)
  • Facility and accommodations (ie: building costs, utilities, maintenance, equipment costs and upgrades)
  • Food
  • Programming (equipment like ropes, ziplines, arrows)
  • Inflation (Our 2022 prices did not factor in inflation. The price jump this year is largely due to the effects inflation has had on us).


We have calculated the daily cost for each camper to come to camp is approximately $145/night based on our expenses (for Base Camp). At what we charged for camps previously, Evergreen was subsidizing the cost for every camper coming to camp. Donations and programs like our Rental Groups were integral in making subsidization possible. As a nonprofit charity, we want to have as many campers come to camp as possible, work to keep the price accessible for all, and keep our programs sustainable.

What does paying a full cost or less subsidized price accomplish? Donations offset every dollar of subsided camper fees. In a typical year Camp Evergreen, as a charity, raises about $140,000 to cover the total operational costs of running camp. Assuming in 2023 we can raise similar amounts, instead of operations, that money will be used for camp facility improvements, capital expansion (things like a new Dining Hall or our Septic System), and to foster organizational growth. Unfortunately, the reality is that if our donors are subsidizing the cost of camp for every camper, we struggle to raise the capital necessary to make improvements to our facilities and programs or to grow as an organization.

We approach pricing our programs a little differently. We are offering three different levels of pricing. Option A is the true cost of camp, Option B offers a 10% subsidy, and Option C is based on 20% which is close to what our standard price for a week at camp would have been pre-Covid. Here is an example of the price options for a 5-night Base Camp (in cabins):

  • $725 per camper - this price represents the full cost of a week at camp and no fundraising is necessary.
  • $653 per camper - this price represents 90% of the full cost of a camp. This price relies on donors to make up the 10% subsidy.
  • $580 per camper - this price represents what our camps would have been priced - 80% of the actual cost per camper. This price relies on donors to make up the 20% subsidy.

Prices vary depending on the program (Outtrips/Base Camp/Developing Leaders). Each family self-selects the option that they can afford on the registration form. There is no differentiation, attention or preference based on the price paid. 

Payment Plans

Regardless of the payment option you select, we have Payment Plans available. Simply contact our office and create a payment plan that allows you to spread the cost of camp over up to 5 months. This can break down the cost into four payments of $105 to $187.50 depending on the camp. If these subsidized prices are still too much, we have a financial aid program that families can apply for when they register. 

As stated above, our goal is that every camper is able to come for a price that works for each family, and we will continue to raise funds to ensure that Camp Evergreen is growing as a camp. You can pay the 20% subsidized amount and prayerfully consider donating the last 10-20%. If you are in a position to donate you can find out more about supporting our mission at this link.

We are so excited for the return of summer and truly believe it will be one of the best your kids have ever experienced!