Septic System Upgrades

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Septic Phases 4 and 5

We know that it’s hard to get excited about sewers (unless, of course, you’re a ninja turtles fan?), but as Camp Evergreen welcomes thousands of campers and guests every year, we need a reliable septic system to make sure everything goes where it’s supposed to when thousands of people flush over and over (and over) again.

The Board of Directors recently approved the construction of phases four and five of camp’s septic infrastructure upgrades. Phases one, two, and three of the septic upgrades on site are complete. Completing phases four and five will make the project fully functional.

We have currently raised $200,000.
Total cost of phases four and five is $1,000,000.

Our hope is to minimally draw on the bridge loan during construction, and to be able to fundraise for the full amount of this project by December of 2025 and we will update you over the coming months about our progress.

The efforts and generosity of many Camp Evergreen supporters have helped bring this project to this point, and we invite you to financially partner with us for our “Final Flush” capital campaign. Thank you for your consideration and generosity!